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So much of what we’re about can be summed up in one word: Texas. We are located in, and ship from, the Lone Star State. This Texas state of mind plays into every aspect of our business, from our friendly customer service, including live chat and 24/7 email support, to our super-fast shipping (because, as gun owners ourselves, we understand you want your new goodies as soon as possible).

Don’t be fooled by those other guys, some of whom are able to price-match us. By and large, what they do is source questionable products from overseas, whereas we purchase high-quality overstock and wholesale inventory from reputable ammunition companies.

Our ability to pass the savings onto our customers comes not from a low-quality product, but largely from inventory miscalculations made by the companies from which we source.

Also unlike many of the other guys, all of our ammunition are top quality at great prices. No joke. We’ve been in the ammo business for many years; you can trust us to take care of you the same way we take care of our own neighbors right here in Texas.

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